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Christian Business Directory-a resource for Christian business professionals, services, churches, ministries and schools in the community since 1988

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We distribute 15,000 copies of The Shepherd's Guide for Saskatoon and area. The publication is distributed in April to churches, Christian bookstores, seniors' homes and hotels.

Terry & Dawn Magee, Owners of The Shepherd’s Guide, Canada

Terry joined The Shepherd's Guide in 1988 and published the first Canadian edition of The Shepherd's Guide in Central Alberta that same year. Terry and Dawn oversee the publication of seventeen guides throughout Canada. They have faithful Publishers across Canada who produce and publish annual guides in their area. They personally, with a close-knit team, publish the guide for the Greater Edmonton area, Saskatoon, the Greater Toronto area and Vancouver Island.

Terry graduated from the University of Alberta in 1970 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry. He earned a Master of Divinity degree from Luther Theological Seminary located in Saskatoon in 1974. He also holds a Journeyman Ticket in Carpentry.
Dawn received her diploma in Business Administration specializing in sales and marketing in 1995.

Terry and Dawn reside in Edmonton, Alberta. They have two sons, Ian and Cory, and one granddaughter, Madison. They have “adopted” many more children and grandchildren into their fold. They worship at Eaglemont Christian Church, a church plant just south of Edmonton in Beaumont, and are involved in many areas of service there. They value spending time with their family. A favorite hobby is fishing in the summer.

Together, Terry and Dawn are the founders of Rising Oaks Ministries which promotes and teaches on how to have a pure heart after God. They have taken this message across Canada and into the States, the Philippines and Africa.  They will tell you that, “Our desire is for every facet of our lives whether business, family or church come from a Pure Heart after God!”

If you would like to contact Terry or Dawn they can be reached at 780-463-4506 or 1-800-563-4276.


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